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Robin's Journal
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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
1:39 pm
Wow, I went to Sam's club yesterday, and got so much food. We now have fifty bottles of gatorade, I have twenty rolls of mentos, and 2 ginourmous bottles of salsa. mmm...salsa. Anyway, school's starting monday and I finally have my schedule, so in case anyone's wondering, here it is.

Spanish 3 honors//May
English GT//Maher-Baker
American Government GT//Marx
Lunch A
Algebra 2 Honors//Pasquini
Concert Band//Goldstein
Biology GT//Peete

Man, my dad was trying to get tickets to see the Rolling Stones in February, and they were sold out 15 minutes after they were for sale. Such craziness. Well, I'm off to the thrift store now, later.
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
8:23 pm
Well, I've finally found something worth writing about. I'm getting two new hoodies! I got them for 12 bucks each too which is a flippin awesome deal. That totals my fif hoodies to 3! WOOT! OK, gotta run. Later.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
9:47 pm
I spose I'd better update awhile, seeing as I haven't in a couple of weeks. It's interesting how I always say I'd like to keep a journal, but I only update once in a while on all of them. Oh well, I can't even say it's because I've been busy, because I haven't.

Today I saw Fantastic 4 and it was really good. I haven't seen a movie in theaters in a while so that was fun. I went to Dicks today and got more shuttlecocks for badminton. They're really cool, I have like 5 different colors now. Yeah, I'm a dork, but I like badminton. Monday, we leave for Philli, and I'm pretty excited I guess, but I wish we were going further away. It'll be cool to stay at Eastern for a while though, so I'm still looking forward to it.

Man, I'm ready for school to start again. Summer always seems to be boring even if I'm going lots of places. I miss my friends and I haven't seen my best friend all summer. Oh well, only about a month left. Next summer should be a lot more exciting because me might go to Europe for a while.

Well, I'm off to go read, later.

Current Mood: lonely
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
9:05 pm
Well, today I got back from virginia after being at the farm for a week. Gosh, I love that place. It's so pretty and in the middle of nowhere. We didn't go too many places during the week, but it was nice to just relax.

I have to say that my parents are awesome. They took me to see Hamlet at the Blackfriars Playhouse which was pretty good I have to say. It was a really small theatre, but they had excellent actors. Hamlet and Polonious were really good, although Hamlet overdid the madness a bit. Of course, my mom and Mike didn't really like going. My mom started reading her book halfway through. 'shakes head.' My dad actually liked it though when I explained to him what was going on.

On tuesday, we found this book fair in Harrisonburg that sold new books for 60-90% of the retail price which was pretty sweet. I got 5 books by Mark Twain, almost all of Shakespeare's plays, about 10 reference books to literature, and books for presents for people.

On wednesday, my mom, my grandmother, and I went to JMU to visit my cousin. It was pretty fun. My cousin's a painter so she showed us this really awesome painting she'd been working on. We ate lunch with her at Calhouns (not sure how it's spelled) and they had the best ceasar salad.

Anyway, I had a really awesome time in Virginia, but I have to go pack because I'm going to softball camp tomorrow. Later.

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
12:32 pm
Well, I'm back from Creation now. Let me just say that Creation was awesome as usual. This year I got to to stay for almost the whole thing. We would have, but our car battery died so we had to leave yesterday. It was really hot up there, but mostly I just had a great time.

Tuesday, we left for Creation and got there at about 2. We set up for like 3 hours and used about 3 rolls of duct tape on the tarp cuz it kept falling over. Eventually we got it all set up though and we went walking for a while. Nothing was open so we went back to the sight and David had duct taped Kelsey to a chair so we decided to play cards. We played cards all week actually.

On wednesday, we saw Relient K, David Crowder Band, and part of Barlowgirl. After Relient K, we ran behind the main stage and got all their autographs except the Matts cuz they were too popular to give autographs. Ugh. Anyway, it was kool to get their autographs anyway. During the day, Sarah and I went up to the tents and bought random things and I was walking to the Roper booth and it was so weird. Reese was sitting there eating a hotdog. So I was like whoa! and of course Sarah was like "who's that?" "Roper! Duh!" "Which one?" "Reese, and his band!" "O, ok."
Anyway, I got Ropers' autographs and I was really happy.

On thursday, I saw Roper, TobyMac, and part of Michael W. Smith. Roper was really awesome, but not as good as fif in concert, but that was expected. It was so hot I actually passed out for a minute and then woke up to Roper singing 1985 and I was so confused but that was ok. Of course, Sarah went to see Sanctus Real instead of Roper. 'Shakes head.' During TobyMac in concert, My mom, Sarah, and I went to get milkshakes and we were standing in line when Sarah just kinda runs away so I decide to follow her and it turned out that she found Amy and KP. It was pretty awesome. So we watched TobyMac and Michael W. Smith with them and got frozen cheesecake or cheese steak on a stick. It was so good! Yum...

On Friday we didn't do much. Sarah, Ryan, and I played cards all morning and Ryan kept throwing marshmellows at us. Then at like noon, Mr. Jim came and jump-started our car so we had to leave then. My mom got me a John Reuben shirt though so I was happy. I just really wish I could've seen him in concert. Oh well.

Overall, Creation was frickin awesome.

Current Mood: happy
Monday, June 27th, 2005
10:20 pm
Five people that i love who aren't family...(NOT in order)
five things i can't live without
-mountain Dew
five foods/beverages i love
-Mountain Dew
-mello yello
five things that i have to always have with me
-my keys
-my wallet
-my shoes
five things i will always and forever hate...
-world hunger
-people who label other people

Well, I haven't updated in a while, not much has been happening really.Last week Dan came home for a few days which was cool. Friday I went to Sarah's house with Becky and Julie. We messed around on the trampoline for a while and contemplated what we would do if someone went under the trampoline and stabbed us. It was really quite deep. Then we went to the mall, but it turned out that they were closing when we got there. Then Sarah tried to pick up hott guys and Julie got lost. It was quite amusing. Well, I have to pack for Creation now so I'm signing out. Later.
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:02 pm
Well, summer is boring as usual. I can't wait till I actually go somewhere. Man, Creation's gonna be awesome. Today we had our last softball game. 'cries.' We played well for the most part, but I'm still kinda frustrated. I played in the field the best I have all season, but I didn't do so well at bat. I had the highest batting average on our team so ya think I would've done better. Oh well, my coach said I need to get cleats. I mean, I've been telling my mom all season I need cleats but she keeps saying since it's halfway through the season, we'll wait till next year. Ugh. Well, I'm gonna go, so later.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
2:26 pm
Wow, tomorrows the last day of middle school ever. I'm not gonna miss middle school at all really, but I'm gonna miss being a middle schooler I guess if that makes sense. I'm gonna miss all my friends going to Perry Hall, Parkville, and other random high schools. I probably won't even get to see a lot of my friends going to LR until next year. 'cries,' Man, I'm gonna miss people. On another note, I'm not gonna be in middle school youth group either. I'm looking forward to high school youth group and all, but I'm gonna miss Julie and Lori. It's gonna be hard having a new leader for high school. I'm definately looking forward to high school, but there are gonna be so many changes.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
3:56 pm

You Belong in 1969


If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

'sighs.' The 60s. Need I say more?

Speaking of the 60s, we finished our project. Finally. Everyone else has been working on it in homeroom everyday even though we were pretty much done on monday. O well, that's what you get. The swim trip was awesome. We played softball pretty much the whole time. Then, that night we played our game and beat light blue by 5 points. Score! I think it's ironic how every time people watch the other game, we win. O well, we'll just have to hope everyone doesn't watch our game for the rest of the season. Well, tonight I'm going to see "Grease" so I gotta go. Later.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
9:15 pm
Man, I love Deviled eggs. I just spent the past hour making eggs with my dad.It was really fun. Before that, I went to Sandya's house. We spent 5 hours working on our project. We have like 30 slides now. It's pretty crazy. Lila kept on laughing and falling on the ground. It was so weird. We ended up just leaving her there. She was just kinda laying in the middle of the floor. I swear, that girl is crazy. She's hilarious. Well, I'm kinda bored, and I'd better start working on homework, so I'm gonna go. Later.
10:31 am
Well, not much is happening around here. Saturday we went to see the Longest Yard. It was better than I expected. I thought it'd be really crude since Adam Sandler is in it, but for the most part it was just funny. Today we're going bowling so that'll be cool, and then I'm off to Sandya's to work on the history project. :/ It'll be sorta fun and easy, but I'd rather stay home and do nothing. Yea, I'm lazy, but who isn't? O yea, my history project group. 'sighs' I wish there were some cookies to eat. Later.

Current Mood: lazy
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
12:18 pm
Today was pretty awesome. I went with my dad to random yard sales in red-neck country, otherwise known as Cockeysville. I got a picture frame and another book. 'sigh' books. Anyway it was pretty fun.

Yesterday at game night was pretty fun. We bobbed for worms and I got freakin soaked, but that's ok. Then we played kick the can as usual which was pretty cool but we play it too much in my opinion. Anyway, I gott a go finish researching random fads like Nerfball in the 60s. woot.

Current Mood: jumpy
Friday, May 27th, 2005
5:02 pm
Ok, yeah, I'm definately ready to get out of middle school. Today was pretty bad. We had testing for 5 mods-math testing. Ugh. It was easy, but I don't like math at all. Speaking of math, math class was terrible. We were allowed to hang out and do our homework which was kool, but then stoners + no teacher= not good. I don't even wanna talk about it. Ugh.

Anyway, onto another topic. After school, I went running for a while. I went down summit past PGES and I saw Chelsea so I talked to her for a while. We went to get her little brother and I saw all these teachers I had. It was pretty funny. Mrs. Shanahan has like a mullet but not. It was pretty cool. Mr. Messinger has a goatee. It was so weird. O, and Mrs. Killian was there, I'm not sure why, but she was. Anyway, it was pretty fun to see people. Well, I gotta go do stuff like eat, and then go to game night at youth group so I'm out. Later.

Current Mood: achy
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
8:37 pm
Ok, well this weekend has been pretty crazy. Friday I had youth group for the first time in like 3 weeks so that was awesome.

Saturday, Gina and Lila called me to ask how to tie a tie. It was pretty weird. I never realized how hard it is to tell someone how to do something over the phone. I dont think they tied it right. Oh well. After my mom got home we went shopping at thrift stores for a dress. I kept trying on these crazy dresses. There was this one that was like a clown dress but my mom made me pick this other crazy one that had sleeves like Deb's. they were "Real big." It was pretty hott. Sarah's party was pretty crazy. Matt was the waiter and Billy was the live musician on the cello. It was pretty kool. We made this really retarted movie that was like extreme makeover and it was pretty weird.

Sunday, I went to early service and then Charles Bailey's class. I was surprised, I actually liked his class, it was pretty interesting. After church we went to my little cousin's b-day which was kinda boring but that's ok. Well, I gotta go. Later.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
4:14 pm
Well, I suppose I'll update. It's been a while and I've been really busy but there's not much to talk about. Friday I went to the spring fling at my school which was pretty fun besides the fact that there were really annoying people there but that's ok. It was really funny seeing my gym teacher take down these two eighth grade guys who went into the girls locker room she just started screaming and practically tackles them. Vicky and I once again mastered the art of badminton. We lost to Julie when we had 3 rackets. It was pretty pathetic.

Saturday I was outside pretty much all day which was really kool. We played softball for a while then I went to Gina's house and her mom made me eat all this fruit. It was funny. Then Gina, Sandya, and me practiced hitting for softball which was kinda funny cuz none of us can pitch. When we finished that, Richard, Gina, sandya, and me went hiking down in the stream and wound up on like waltham woods. I got like 5 thorns stuck in my leg too. We walked to Webers Farm then and got apple cider and then Richard started coughing and we found out that he's allergic to apples. It was hilarious.

Sunday we visited Dan up at Eastern which was pretty kool. We helped him move into his new dorm and then celebrated mothers day. We went to TGIFridays which was fun. We didn't do much else but that was kool still.

Monday we won our first softball game. It was awesome. I still can't believe we actually won.

Tuesday I went to the last beachmont. I was really sad that it's over cuz I met so many kool people there. There's this girl that was really kool and she was also obsessed with fif and roper which was really awesome. Oh well, it starts up again in June. yay. well, I'd better go get ready for softball. Later.
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
5:28 pm
Well, this weekend's been a lot of catching up on stuff in a good way. Friday my mom took me and Gina to the Orioles game and let me say it was so frickin cold. We were up in nosebleed section cuz we got in free so I had to keep running down to the food stands and beg for napkins. It was pretty funny. We ended up leaving really early so we went to my house and watched Ocean's Twelve which overall was a very good movie. On saturday I went shopping for mothers day stuff with my dad and I got this really kool picture frame that I like. I love pics. I'm such a dork. After that I just kinda got chores and homework done so that was kool. Today I went to my old church. It was pretty weird being there after I haven't seen these people in like 3 years but it was still pretty kool. Mainly it was like a blast from my past. All these people kept coming up to me and telling me how different I look and how they missed me. I didn't really mind and it was nice seeing people but it was still kinda weird. It was really kool talking to the one guy friend I had at Loch raven and he told me he's actually gonna go to Loch Raven High so that'll be awesome. After church we went and saw Kingdom of Heaven. Though it had Orlando Bloom in it, I still enjoyed it. It was really bloody which kinda got to me but still it was well done. Well, I'd best be off so I can finish my history project. Later.

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
3:08 pm
Well, I haven't been online since like sunday so I'd better update now. Hmmm...Not much to talk about. Allergies are terrible. Sad to say that they have been a big part of my life lately. We ran out of the medicine that actually works so I couldn't breathe and last night I didn't fall asleep till 3 in the morning. 'yawns.' Needless to say, I fell asleep in math today only to wake up and see Allie Stockard's face. Let me say it was quite puzzling at first, and then I was like o, wow I'm in math. G is such a freakin idiot. I don't feel like quoting all his idiotic sayings and such but I think that i'm gonna start an lj just about his piggish life. Well, anyway, I don't feel like wasting time talking about him. I'm really happy. I have an a in science now. WOOT! I guess Mrs. Bowden thinks I'm fine when I'm not talking to Vicky. And I have 100.8 in spanish. Score! Well, enough about school life. Tomorrow I'm goin to the O's game and I get to go to the bull pen party before which shall be awesome. Well, sorry but I'm so freakin tired so I'm going to bed at 3:15 in the afternoon. Later.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
4:31 pm
Well, this weeks been cool so far. Friday I had youth group game night. I had no idea it was game night but it was pretty cool. We played shoe golf in which sarah won cuz she got the most points(80 something i believe). Saturday I didn't really do much. I just kinda sat around most of the day and then went to the libary with vicky, vicki, marisa, julie, and collin cuz we needed to work on our retarded skit for english class. We almost got arrested according to collin cuz we were talking about killing someone in our skit and a policeman walked by. It was pretty interesting. On sunday I went to church in the morning and it was pretty cool. I kinda wish I went to Loch raven tho cuz the sermon at central was raising your children. Oh well. After church we went to the towsontown festival. As always it was a bunch of hicks and motorists which was kinda scary. It was really crowded and most of the stuff was expensive but I got two kool bags. One is rainbow and the other is black with a ying-yang. Overall, the weekend was pretty kool.
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
4:48 pm
Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I've been pretty busy though. This week has been really kool. Yesterday we had our last softball practice, and then monday is our first game. I can't wait. We did horribly at scrimage but that's ok. It was pretty funny how bad we actually did, in a weird way.

Today we had to stay after to review our packets to get into spanish 3 which was pretty boring but that's ok. Vicky and I just kinda sat there not paying attention. Well, I've been realizing something. I'm gonna be in high school next year. Yeah, I know you all are like, Robin your an idiot. But, it didn't really occur to me before. I guess I'm looking forward to it, but I'm pretty much content being a stupid little 8th grader too. I dunno. If we didn't have G as a teacher I'd be fine really. Oh well, I guess it's just one of those things you gotta go through. I just wish all my friends went to loch raven too. Oh well. Well, I g2g watch half baked. Later.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
6:01 pm
Well, I haven't updated in awhile. This weekend has been pretty kool. On friday and saturday I did 30 hour famine which was so hard. I was so dizzy by the end I kept falling over. It was kool. We played this game where we had to pick people up and I was so tired, I had to pick Ashley up like every 5 seconds. It was tiring. But, it doesn't really matter that I was weak from no food. What really matters is that people every day all around the world experience much more pain than that. I was so thankful I could be a part of stopping that.
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